Guy receives small penis humiliation from a hot pornstar

How about taking a look at another poor guy who is going through a rough small penis humiliation? This fellow was lucky to have a date with Phoenix Marie: one of the most exiting ladies in the world of porn, but instead of fucking this hot blonde he is being fucked by her. It is all because of the size of his cock: it wasn't enough for Phoenix: this babe got used to be penetrated with huge tools only!

It was clear that Phoenix Marie was in a playful mood since the guy entered the room. The girl has lots of dominant skills so she used them immediately: she pulled boy's pants down but was really disappointed with the size of his love tool. It looks like beautiful Phoenix will miss her portion of hardcore fucking today. Or maybe not?

Creativity is always the powerful thing for the dominatrix to have and Phoenix decided to turn the date into a small penis humiliation action where miserable slave would pleasure her with all kinds with sex toys. She ripped all the clothes off the poor guy and tied him with lots of ropes. Then the kneeling male was whipped by the girl and forced to crawl besides her feet.

Small penis humiliation orgy continued with naked male tied spread eagle on the floor and got a dildo stuck in his mouth. Gorgeous mistress then stringed her pussy on it and had a wonderful ride. Slave's cock and ball were tormented with kinky femdom CBT where lots of clothes pegs were attached to his genitals. Would you like to take his place and be punished by a girl like that?

The final stage of cruel small penis humiliation action involves deep anal penetration. Busty girl had her slave tied to a chair and fucked him doggy style with a huge rubber cock. I bet this guy never been degraded that far and he will remember this punishment till the rest of his life. It happens rarely when you are getting banged by a world-famous pornstar! A femdom slave dream comes true!

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Lots of femdom and BDSM in this small penis humiliation episode

It is a normal thing to do for an unsatisfied wife to hire a professional small penis humiliation mistress to train her husband. Poor boy! There is almost nothing he can do about his tiny dick and the way he uses it during the sex. Maybe the Dominatrix would solve this problem? It is going to be a really exiting event because famous Bobbi Starr will do the training!

Having lots of experience in the field of femdom BDSM humiliation, pornstar Bobbi decides to use the brutal BDSM approach in this case. Be ready to enjoy lots of small cock pictures when a lady like this takes everything under control. What I like about Bobbi Starr is the way she dresses for the femdom occasions. Today woman is dressed like a real lady: elegant black dress makes Mistress irresistible, black stockings and high heels fit her legs perfectly. Naughty hat and a whip in girl's hands are those clever bits that turn the beautiful female into real dominatrix.

Small penis humiliation normally means punishing the male until his cock becomes big and hard enough to be able to fuck a woman. Dominant lady starts by locking her naked slave in the wooden stocks and tying his small cock with ropes. It is going to be a long tease and denial torment where the slave is getting smothered with that lovely butt and got his balls whipped. Strict Bobbi takes full control over the slave's genitals and does not allow him to come.

Any normal small penis humiliation action requires tied male to be fucked in his ass with a big artificial cock. This miserable worm is not an exception and Bobbi Starr got a really huge dildo prepared. Lady bends the slave forward, invading his butt with the sex toy while giving him jerk off instruction. Yes: tied and fucked slave is forced to wank his small penis! What a perverted way to do the small cock humiliation.

At the end of the anal fucking it seems to Bobbi that her slave has his penis grown enough to try the vaginal penetration. Got his head locked in wooden box and his both hands cuffed with steel, small penis humiliation slave is having naked mistress riding his cock. It is not near as big as Bobbi would like it to be, but it is better that nothing. Getting a kind of orgasm from this useless male, dominatrix locks his cock in a small plastic harness so the slave would know that his small penis humiliation is not over and there is more pain and humiliation waiting for him.

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Two girls doing small penis humiliation in the bathroom

Every male has lots of erotic fantasies but some of them become nothing but small penis humiliation when come true. This plumber was always dreaming about being pleasured by two girls, but it turns out to be a very embarrassing for him when this really happened.

The boy was working on the bathtub when one of the girls came in and asked if he would like to have fun after a hard working day. Not knowing that this is going to be a terrible small penis humiliation for him, silly plumber started swaggering about his sexual power. At this very moment another girl came in the room and both ladies started undressing the male.

Imagine their disappointment when his cock wasn't able to get hard. Nothing could make that lifeless and useless dick to stand up. Being unable to satisfy woman sexually is one of the worthiest things a man could ever do and girls know that very well. Small penis humiliation of the only thing girlfriends has to do in a situation like this. Punished and degraded with laugh, this boy will never talk about his sex skills anymore.

Pointing with their fingers at the useless sex tool, both girls are laughing loud. There is nothing for them to expect from this worthless man and they left the room very soon, leaving degraded small penis humiliation slave alone.

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Asian mistress does small penis humiliation

Small penis humiliation can be done in various ways and role-play femdom is one of the most exciting. Being interrogated and punished by dominating lady like Mika Tan is going to be one of the most memorable erotic adventures of your life. This girl was born to punish men with small dicks!

The setup for this small penis humiliation scene is really simple: you need an empty room, a chair and bunch of ropes. It looks like Mika is really upset with the size of male's dick and she is going to punish him with style.

Dominating lady dressed like an interrogator and that latex suit makes her look really sexy. Mistress had already her slave undressed, ball gagged and tied to the chair. The first thing to do for the mistress would be to tie thin rope to slave's cock and to pull it with high tension. By looking at slaves face you can tell that this is are really painful small penis humiliation punishment.

The next femdom torment is whipping. Helpless male is tied spread eagle on the floor and can do nothing about that painful strokes that lands all over his body. A few minutes later Mika takes her chance to do a little facesitting and queening. Looks like asian mistress really likes to be pleasured by slave's mouth. Watching her smothering the exposed slave is really sexy. Would you like to take place of that worthless slave? Smelling and licking Mika's pussy sounds like a good way of spending time.

The final scene of small penis humiliation action involves huge plastic dildo and violent strapon sex. Mika acts like a pro and puts her slave into tied strappado bondage pose. Then she penetrates him from the behind and by looking at slave's face you can tell that this is really painful punishment.

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Degraded male becomes a subject of small penis humiliation

Small penis humiliation and BDSM punishment are closely related. What else a girl can do when not satisfied sexually than punish her lover? Hopefully useless male will remember the lesson and would try harder the next time. One of these stories I want you to show today.

Horny girl was looking for one-evening-lover and she managed to invite a boy to her place. But then it suddenly turned out that his dick is not only small but it can't get hard at the same time. What disappointment for a lady who was dreaming about being fucked hard-core!

Trying to work the situation out girl decided to show up her dominating skills and do small penis humiliation and punishment. Mistress put a plastic collar over the slaves cock and then tied him up with ropes. She used her perfect butt and shaved pussy as tools for queening punishment with bits of smothering.

Penis humiliation action continued with naked slave locked behind the steel bars and bound with leather stripes. I guess this guy is having serious issues because it would take you or any other normal male just a few minutes to get hard when tied and teased by a girl like that!

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Sexy lady uses all her charm and cock sucking knowledge in the small penis humiliation action but it seems like it doesn't help a lot. Luckily this creative girl has a few more tricks in her mind to try next. I wonder what those would be?

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Medical story about small penis humiliation

Each and every man has the kinky fantasy about nurses. It sounds really exciting to have a kind of fun with sexy girl in the white uniforms. Well this little fellow had this fantasy also but it turned out to be as small penis humiliation for him because of a simple fact his dick is small and he was not able to get it hard to pleasure the girls.

It was going to be a really exciting moment when two young and attractive nurses decided to know this patient a little closer. Imagine how they were disappointed when they saw that small penis. Both girls were expecting this 21-year old pal to have a huge love machine but there was only a tiny pin instead. What an embarrassment!

Check out the pictures: both hot blondes just can't hold up their laugh when they see and touch the little cock. It would be surprised if they would use some kind of medical treatment to grow that thing a bit. What a nice beginning for a small penis humiliation story.

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Schoolgirl does small penis humiliation to her teacher

I've got a really exiting small penis humiliation story for you, but I am not sure about the place where it is taking place. It looks like a classroom where a naughty schoolgirl got poor marks for her homework. Upset with this fact, sexy girl takes advantage over the teacher and turns him into helpless femdom slave. Captive Male knows the meaning of real female domination and turns their shoots into kinky and crazy orgies.

Got her teacher undressed and bound, horny girl is looking forward to play with his cock a bit but then suddenly discovers that his dick is tiny and there is no fun possible. Small cock humiliation takes the rest of the action. Slave is tied with ropes and whipped while sitting at the desk. Then he is forced to write on the whiteboard by using nothing but his mouth. I love the moment where sexy lady using her fingers to twist slave's nipples. This one is painful and works as a perfect tool of small penis humiliation and a CFNM femdom punishment also!

The final part of this punishment is all about strapon penetration. Young lady got her slave lying on the table with his legs spread. Tight bonds hold him motionless while sexy mistress does her small penis humiliation. Girl is fucking tight ass of a slave with a huge rubber cock as well as his mouth. He should have bigger cock to pleasure the dominatrix!

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